A New U Now
'Unwind, Relax, Refocus or just 'Catch Your Breath''

About the Practitioner

Cheryl Moses, LMBT #7925
Greenville Technical College - School of Massage
Hot Stones Certification, Sports Massage Certification, Oncology training
Lectro Chi Ionic Foot Spa technician
Oncology Massage Training
Emotion Code Release

Member of Advisory Board for Massage Therapy @ Greenville Technical College

Every Body needs a massage!  Taking time to just "Unwind, Relax, Refocus or just 'Catch your Breath'" is such an important thing for everyone to do in the crazy - hectic life we all lead.  Doctors and Health Care professionals are highly recommending massage therapy.  So my recommendation is this:  Listen to your doctors and your body and receive regular massages!  Recent studies have shown the effectiveness of massage for many health related issued such as reducing low back pain, boosting the body's immune system, decreasing carpal tunnel syndrome, lowering headache frequency and helping people with fibro.  
We really are 'Too Blessed to be Stressed' - so schedule your regular massage today.

For several years I have been an Independent Wellness Consultant which has opened my eyes to the importance of surrounding yourself with good water, quality air,  adaptive sleep and whole food/organic nutrition.  Adding massage therapy to my skills  was always something I aspired to do.  Using the doTERRA Essential Oils has enhanced what I do with Massage.  Adding the service of Ionic Foot Detox to helps the body rid itself of toxins.  And now also offering oncology massage for those affected by cancer.  Recently certified in the Emotion Code - releasing trapped emotions using Kinesiology (muscle testing).  Please feel free to call and discuss these services and how they will assist you.

I am a mother of a blended family of 7 children and 13 grandchildren and now two Great Grands.  Widowed 6 years ago lead me to  add massage to my skills.  I now feel that  I can assist others who have all of sudden been faced with a Life Change.  Someone shared this with me and I want to share this with others:  "Your World hasn't ended, it's only turned from your direction."  This is a time when massage is so important to you.  Beyond the benefits for specific conditions - some people enjoy massage because it often involves caring, comfort and a sense of empowerment and the Power of touch.